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Gália assumes representation of PET products from Morando

Gália assumed the representation of Morando, an Italian pet food brand, focused on quality nutrition.

With a wide range of products carefully developed to meet the specific needs of dogs and cats, Morando recognizes the importance of nutrition in the lives of pets.

The Morando brand product line that Gália offers includes a variety of wet food options for dogs and cats, ensuring that each pet’s individual preferences and needs are met.

This type of food offers a series of benefits that should not be underestimated, such as hydration, particularly for cats, which tend to drink little water, easy intake, for animals with digestive and dental problems and irresistible palatability, important for animals that are more demanding with their diet or who are recovering from illnesses.

All Morando products are developed with the aim of ensuring the intake of essential nutrients for the well-being of animals, namely Vitamin E, crucial for the protection of the body’s cells.

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