Gália is a company based in Torres Vedras, founded in 1991, which is dedicated to the import and distribution of biocides, owning own brands and industry brands. We develop customer brands and provide consulting services in the area of ​​registration and commercial area, allowing companies with strong implementation in the domestic market to have access to sales authorizations in order to present innovative solutions in this area of ​​expertise in their portfolio. We have a complete range of air fresheners and DPH products where we seek to meet the needs of our partners, attentive to the global market and new trends.

Our know-how is very comprehensive and is strongly linked to the area of ​​household insecticides because of the versatility and capacity we have to create and develop solutions tailored to the needs of our customers wherever they may be.

The environment, home hygiene, treatment and conservation of footwear are also strategic areas where we have products of excellence combining the ever increasing need of the consumer demanding efficient solutions that respect man and the environment, actively contributing to the sustainable balance of the planet.

We are present in Mainland Portugal, Azores, Madeira and African markets with a special focus on Palop’s.

Through our central warehouse we provide logistics services to international companies, ensuring the control and management of their stocks, optimizing operations and work processes that allow us to perform a service of excellence in this field.